Soft Skills Training in Virtual Reality

Welcome to DiVRse, a groundbreaking experience designed to enhance essential soft skills such as empathy, communication, and emotional intelligence. Backed by decades of scientific research, our immersive training programs harness cutting-edge neuroscience and virtual reality to place users in diverse scenarios, fostering genuine understanding and effective interpersonal skills.

A unique immersive experience


Corporate Soft Skills Trainings

Our corporate trainings offer your team the unique opportunity to experience bias and discrimination from the perspective of others, fostering empathy and driving positive change within your organization.



This immersive experience foster profound changes in just 20 minutes, cultivating a more inclusive work environment while minimizing time away from their desks.



Our data-driven approach provides valuable insights into decision-making, implicit attitudes, and awareness, ensuring a positive and enduring impact on your team’s attitudes.

Virtual Reality Inclusion Training Programs

Discover the Revolutionary Power of Embodiment

By fully immersing individuals in the experiences of others, implicit learning takes place: users develop empathy and form a genuine connection without noticing, feeling as if they have truly lived through those experiences.

Implicit learning becomes possible only through VR, and its effectiveness has been demonstrated universally.


A: DiVRse is a virtual reality (VR) training program that uses neuroscience and VR to create immersive scenarios that allow people to experience discrimination and bias from the perspective of others. Our program helps organizations create diverse and inclusive cultures where teams perform better.

A: The goal of DiVRse is to reduce bias, increase empathy, and give unique perspectives to participants through immersive VR experiences. Our program helps individuals become more empathetic, confident, and happier.

A: DiVRse works by using VR technology to simulate scenarios where participants experience discrimination and bias from others’ perspectives. Our embodiment technology creates emotional connections and a deeper understanding of our interactions with others. We measure how behavior improves and feelings of inclusion increase at a new level.

A: DiVRse can benefit anyone who wants to learn how to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Our program is designed for corporate training, and our immersive 20-minute experiences can engage entire workforces and minimize time away from the desk.

A: Yes, our immersive VR trainings are the result of extensive scientific research in the fields of virtual reality, bias, empathy, and neuroscience.

A: According to our data, all employees who underwent the experience said they “would like to have more training experiences like this”. 92% of participants reported that the experience felt more like a memory than something they watched. 97% of participants would recommend this training with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.

A: You can get started with DiVRse by contacting us and scheduling a demo. We can help you design a program that meets your organization’s needs and goals.

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