VR to prevent domestic violence

What if the aggressor could finally understand the victim’s perspective? Through this unique virtual experience, we strive to foster empathy and improve social behavior among aggressors, ultimately promoting positive change and reducing intimate partner violence.

How it works

The VRespect.ME experience allows the aggressor to see, hear, and feel like a victim,
which has a significant impact on emotional, cognitive, and behavioral responses.

Aplications of VR to prevent Domestic Violence

VR psychological rehabilitation

Intervention in offenders who exercise gender-based violence in the prison area and in alternative criminal measures.

VR Prevention of domestic violence
Prevention and

Actions and resources aimed at removing social structures and cultural stereotyps that perpetuate gender violence.

VR education
Sensitivity &

Actions of information and social awareness for the adolescent and youth audience as a strategy to promote coeducational models, emphasizing female knowledge and the construction of new masculinities.

VRespect.ME is aimed at stakeholders interested in the psychological and social rehabilitation of aggressors engaged in gender-based violence, entities dedicated to preventing criminal behavior, organizations involved in victim care and protection, as well as groups leading awareness and co-education programs.


VRespect.Me is developed as part of the EU project VR per Genere (Virtual Reality Prevention of Gender Violence in Europe based on Neuroscience of Embodiment, PeRspective, and Empathy). This initiative focuses on deploying cost-effective prevention and rehabilitation tools based on immersive virtual reality to reduce intimate partner violence.

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A: VRespect.ME is a unique virtual reality experience designed to prevent domestic violence. The program aims to foster empathy among aggressors by allowing them to see, hear, and feel like a victim, with the ultimate goal of promoting positive behavioral change and reducing intimate partner violence.

A: The VRespect.ME experience immerses aggressors in the perspective of a victim, impacting emotional, cognitive, and behavioral responses. By providing a virtual understanding of the victim’s experience, the program contributes to improved social behavior and increased empathy.

A: VRespect.ME has applications in psychological rehabilitation, intervention in offenders within the prison system, and alternative criminal measures. It also addresses prevention and attention by challenging social structures and cultural stereotypes perpetuating gender violence. Additionally, the program promotes sensitivity and co-education through awareness actions for adolescents and youth, emphasizing coeducational models and the construction of new masculinities.

A: Yes, VRespect.ME can be tailored to meet the specific needs of organizations or programs involved in the prevention and rehabilitation of individuals engaged in gender-based violence. Customization ensures relevance and effectiveness in diverse settings.

A: Our program employs a data-driven approach to measure its impact on emotional and behavioral responses. The immersive nature of VRespect.ME contributes to promoting positive change, with the potential to reduce instances of intimate partner violence.

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