LGBTIQ+ / Active Listening

Develop active listening skills
and become an ally

Immerse yourself in a transformative journey that aims to enhance understanding and empathy towards the LGBTIQ+ community. Through cutting-edge virtual reality technology, we empower individuals to actively support and champion inclusivity in the workplace.

Did you know?


LGBTQ+ individuals in the EU have
experienced discrimination in the


of LGBTQI+ workers in the US hide
their sexual orientation at work due
to fear of discrimination.**

It’s time to foster empathy and understanding
within professional environments.

How it works?

Our LGBTQI+ / Active Listening experience empowers individuals to foster a deeper understanding of the LGBTQI+
community and equips them with the tools to actively contribute to creating inclusive work environments.


This experience has been created in collaboration with the LGBTIQ+ Staff
Network at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Trust Foundation.

“The Kiin VR Allyship Experience is an extraordinary and mind-blowing journey. It has the power to revolutionize organizations by fostering understanding, empathy, and positive change.”

Lee Watson, LGBTIQ+ Lead at Chelsea and Westminster
Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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